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Great! Ive always said that the best way to vote is to with your money. Be it by spending a little more on wind power, good quality foods, or making a donation to a cause that you care about. If your considering contributing to my campaign; I am honored to be a voice for that cause. At this stage in the fundraising effort every dollar will go directly towards paying for signage. I have a logo that has been designed, and I have committed to getting signs printed and ready for distribution. As the days move forward new expenses will assuredly present themselves, and early support will certainly demonstrate your support for my candidacy. Onward we go, Thank You.  - Amos 

If you want to contribute through another method other than the PayPal portal linked to this website please contact to arrange for another method of contribution. Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. 

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Committee to Elect Amos Mace
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