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Huerfano County is #1 for exporting Renewable Energy in Colorado via wind generation. I want to make sure it stays that way.

Water is my main thing. I grew up on a property that used to have a public spring running on it. I became a hydrologist to understand the complexities of how water moves in the landscape and how its managed for "beneficial" use. I want to make sure the water that originates in Huerfano County brings benefits to Huerfano County.

I understand resource utilization. My family strives to insure our wood business stays on the "Green" side of what some consider to be a destructive industry. I know how diligent we have to be to make sure what we do doesn't harm the environment today or in the future. I want to make sure other industries that intend to operate in Huerfano County hold themselves to the high standards and strict principles my family has held itself to.

The rural nature of our landscape and the fierce independence of our citizens is important to me. I'm born and raised in Huerfano County and I want to stay here. Providing for an economic means for young people to make it in Huerfano County is essential to me, but that economic means needs to complement the character of the landscape we live in.

Economy – Huerfano County has the smallest economy of any of Colorado’s Front Range counties, from the New Mexico to the Wyoming borders. The economy in Huerfano County will grow. Making sure that it grows in a way that benefits the people who are already here is one of my chief concerns. The people and businesses of Huerfano County need access to reliable water for their investments here to be secure. I am a supporter of The Spanish Peaks Celtic Music Festival, Sonic Bloom, the Stonewall Century bicycle ride, and other local events. I think developing a “come visit and go” events based economy is favorable to the rural nature of Huerfano County.

Health Care – This boils down to a resource allocation discussion for me. The smartest and brightest kids I grew up with wanted to become Doctors. The society I grew up in ingrained in those kids that being a doctor is an endeavor of the highest purpose. Vast investments were made in both the intellectual capacity and the physical tools needed to expand the spectrum of care provided by the medical community. The idea of a simple country doctor expanded into the reality of a medical community which has great capacity to treat our ailments; and a great capacity to utilize endless resources. The conversation on health care cannot happen without a concurrent conversation on resource utilization, climate change, and finance.

Environment – I’m a believer that humans have influenced every aspect of the earth’s environment. Our influence has risen to a position equal to something similar to management level. We have entered into the Plastics Age. Our capacity to influence the land on which we live is greater now than ever before, and we are going to have to learn how to be a benevolent manager. Anyone who knows how to work with and manage animals understands the importance of being considerate and gentle, that same ethic of management must prevail in our relationship with our environment.

Oil and Gas – Well, there’s a right place and a right time for everything; and it’s not now in Huerfano County for Oil and Gas development. Complex geology, fragile surface ecosystems, and abundant renewable energy resources are just a few reasons why I think the fossil fuels in Huerfano County should remain in the ground. 

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