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Meet Amos

Hi, I'm Amos Mace. I was born and raised in Huerfano County. My family has been in Colorado for 4 generations, but I was the first generation born here. I attended Gardner School, and graduated high school a few years early from John Mall High School in Walsenberg. My family's woodworking business kept me busy as a teenager, and I learned early how to put in a hard days work. I started filing taxes at age 12 and have filed every year since. In high school I was what was known as a nerd. I unexpectedly graduated high school at 16 year old, and I decided I didn't want to go to a big college. So I enrolled in Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs. Within three days of classes starting I had two jobs and a ski pass.

I spent 3 years attending Colorado Mountain College, and studied at 5 of their campuses across Colorado's mountain towns. I graduated with an Associates of Science degree in 1999 at the age of 19. I knew at that point that although I would attend college again in the future; I wasn't ready for it at that point. I decided I wanted to spend time in the mountains while connecting with my own heritage. My grandfather ran a well known sled dog kennel in the early days of Aspen, Colorado and had made an impression on that community that lasts to this day. Does anybody remember Sargent Preston of the Yukon and the famous dog Yukon King? That may be the most public part of my grandfathers story, a story I wanted to know better and understand.

I spent the 4 years following my graduation from CMC working a number of different jobs in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, pursuing my own mountaineering goals, and maintaining a rural high mountain hut. The hut was built by my grandfather as part of his sled dog tour operation and he was buried there along side his son, my uncle, Greg Mace. During those 4 years of pursuing mountaineering goals I solo summitted Mt Blanc in France, rock climbed the face of El Capitan in California, and spent numerous days exploring this amazing state that is my home.

Upon realization of my prospects for professional employment in the mountaineering industry and the inherent risks associated with those jobs I decided to return to college and seek a Bachelors Degree. It was no question where I wanted to go. I had known for years that the Watershed Science program in the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University was renowned in the field of hydrology, and that is where I intended on going. At 23 years old, I entered the program and set my sites on being a hydrologist. I graduated from the program in 2006. Only a few weeks after my son was born.

For a brief period after graduation I returned to the Roaring Fork Valley and worked in the construction industry. Within a few months I returned to Steamboat Springs to work in the forestry industry at the time period when beetles were beginning to ravage Colorado's forests. A full year after graduation I found a job as a hydrologist at a private consulting firm in Grand Junction, Colorado.

While in Grand Junction I worked as a hydrologist on a variety of different projects. I worked on projects intended to insure the continued quality of the City of Grand Junction and Town of Palisade water supply, development of ore body and in-situ uranium, development of oil shale, reclamation of oil shale development, and a number of other activities that are influenced by water.

In 2009 I left Grand Junction. After a brief stint in the Roaring Fork Valley I returned to my families ranch in the Gardner area in 2011. My families wood business was expanding and moving its sales operations to the Denver area, and there were opportunities in the Huerfano to put my knowledge as a hydrologist to work. I moved back onto our ranch and assumed many of the wood production and shop duties at our business.

In 2012 I played an instrumental role, along with my father Kent Mace, in getting a mill levy tax increase to fund the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District passed by voters. I then was also able to play an instrumental role in getting the county to develop a water distribution facility in Gardner.

I have now been living back in the Gardner area for 10 years. I have spent the majority of my time managing and maintaining the CSWoods facility and operations in Gardner. CSWoods has become an internationally known supplier of the most diligently dried and processed rough wood slabs available, and the CSWoods Shop is known for its industry leading fine craftsmanship. If elected I will continue to fill a reduced capacity management and craftsmen role. I live at the CSWoods facility, it has become my home.

In the fall of 2019 I was considering various options that interested me. I was aware that I was in need of a challenge to engage in. I did not want to move from my home in Gardner and did not want to completely abandon my role in my families business. I just needed a new challenge to engage in. When the opportunity to run for county commissioner crossed my mind I was was immediately intrigued. It offers opportunities to expand my knowledge, it will require me to develop and exercise new skill sets, and it will present new challenges to address. Best of all, it will allow me to utilize my knowledge, skills, and energy to find positive resolutions to the issues that face our county.

Thank You for reading about me. I am counting on your vote! Please vote early and encourage others to as well. - Amos Mace

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